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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 9, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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of rape. another star who's in the courtroom, gwyneth paltrow testifies against the man who stalked her over a seven-year period and at one point even threatened the to kill her. her testimony was tearful and emotional. michelle turner was in court today and has the full report. >> i gwyneth should be very concerned about soyuz. he is never going to give up, he is very sexually obsessed with her. >> more witnesses for the prosecution today clos arguments are expected to get under way tomorrow. the oscar winning actress testified she feared for her family's safety after receiving more than 66 messages from the defendant, dante michael soyuz. >> paltrow said the letters ranged from religious to pornographic to threatening. >> i sent him to a mental hospital for seven years. >> the original case dates back to 1999. >> with people like dante soyuz,
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incarcerated, in a mental hospital or in a prison, for the rest of his life. >> in 2009, prosecutors claim that soyuz started stalking her been. >> he has written her letters that god has ordained for them to be together. >> the defense denied the prosecution's pornography claims and said the letters are being taken out of context. >> you're dealing with a lonely guy who's on supplemental security income who sits at his desk a writes letter to angelinea joe lae, sylvester stallone, michelle obama, none of it has ever been perceived by paltrow as threatening. >> and there was another let courtroom. janice dickenson versus bill cosby. model and reality star after her hearing this morning. >> i know that justice will prevail, i know the truth will come out.
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>> today was actually a victory for cosby's former attorney marty singer who was dismissed from dickenson's suit. she claimed the comedian branded her a liar after she c forward in 2014 about claims sexually assaulted her. dickenson and attorney lisa bloom are back in court on february 9. >> she's strong, she's resolute, she's not giving up and we'll be side by side in this fight. >> i will go on and i will not be silent. let's move on to oscar news now, sylvester stallone is a sentimental favorite to win. but here's a shocker f sly actually revealed that he considered boycotting the ceremony. we got all the scoop at the official oscar class photo of 2016. >> we're going to take the f picture now, in three, with two, one. >> so many a-listers under one roof. that's leo the left.
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a li to the left is sly. and kicking it all in, first-time alyssa dconto. >> three, two, one. >> another first timer also standing out in red, jen jason leigh. >> who were you standing to in the photo, do you remember? >> i was nominated, was just so nice. >> and not too far away from jennifer, standing next to oscar is mark ruffalo, over a bit more, brian cranston. >> it sort of hits you at that point. oh, my god, it was pretty cool. >> and back to the right, another awestruck first-time nominee, sam smith. >> i was behind the barricade, next to the leo. >> sorry, sam, but leo was way
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as for the luncheon attire, it could only be can described as cocktail stress chic, brie larsen, wearing a striped skirt with eyelash design. annal alyss and her boyfriend with oscar oslo went with a red >> are you going to be wearing vuitton to the oscars? >> do you have any input? >> it's all me. >> when else in your life, are people going to be sketching dresses for you. >> brie's co-star in room. fairly. >> thathumor, that lightness he brings to the movie, is the same thing that he brings to every day of his actual life. >> also a moment with j law who she calls the prettiest in the room. gaga looks stunning herself.
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>> i'm just honored to be here, really, and be recognized as a songwriter, is cool. >> also leo listening to what might be a tall tale fro sly also addressed the div issue as the only nominee from the film creed. he said he speck to the director about attending the osca >> if you want me to go, i'll go, if not, i won't. he said we want you to go. it says a lot about the kind of guy he is. and cameron, it's just two days until fashion week kicks off. very exciting. >> that's right, nancy, you can feel the buzz growing here in new york city. carly steel was celebrating with kiley and kendall last night, and celebrating their first line as they build a fashion empire. >> something that we wanted the to do kind of on our own and give the fans exactly what they wanted from us and it's our more mature kind of stepping it up line. >> they have totally stepped it
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textures, on display at tribecca launch party last night. the ladd ladies dressed in their own designs. haley baldwin and arriving to a crush of photographers. bob chris was there and so was brother-in-law kanye. >> how are kim and kanye? >> everybody's great. going a million miles an hour and the baby's getting bigger by the and it's so much fun to watch him grow up. >> did kanye give you any good advice in launching the line? >> he is so creative, but we didn't want anybody else's advice other than ours. >> i love miranda kerr's style. >> what do we do? >> i don't know. >> let's get them. >> after the party, kendall, kiley and haley snap chatted from that hotel room. kiley still in her jump suit if you're looking own a piece
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you back anywhere from about $70 to $300. >> you've got your amazing designing collection, what would you say your have been total is? >> businesswoman. >> mini mogul. >> "e.t" has learned that mini chris along with her sis kendall will also be at the zoo lander 2 premier tonight with their mom. "e.t" has teamed up with samsung to give one lucky zoolander fan a place on the red carpet. bl joining me. blake, who are you most excited to see? >> will ferrell. >> before we go back to you, nancy and kevin, let's give them something from blue steele. are you ready? one, two, three. >> good luck to them. wait until will gets in the mix. >> coming the romantic value less than valentine's day plans of ryan reynolds. >> i will come up with something spectacular. no romance for this bachelor
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olivia's emotional elimination. and new scenes from tonight's ncis as michael weatherly announced he is leaving the 300 episodes together, the bittersweet celebration. >> will you miss this craziness?
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plus sized models who were once taylor swift, adele, justin bieber, bruno mars and meghan
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today you really didn't take the time to look into your heart and tell me exactly what you ear feeling. >> that was the crushing moment on the bachelor last night that left olivia in tears and emily giggling and it was is good and so oddly satisfying for fans who love to hate olivia. >> there's no doubt in my mind that i'm coming home with a rose tonight. >> overconfident olivia was quick to drop the l-bomb. >> i'm in love with you. >> the news anchor should have done their research. he said he wanted somebody grounded. >> somebody with a good foundation. >> so this wasn't going to fly. >> intellectual things are my jam. >> a record 8.5 million watched the reporter get the breaking news. >> cut to a somber quiet moment that exploded on twitter, a
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something like what the anchor would have reported on. it left you wondering if olivia made it off that island. happier times for ryan reynolds. >> i haven't made valentine's plans, but i will come up with something spectacular. >> friends and family reactions to that instagram? >> what has been t friends and family reaction to that instagram? >> they're all supportive, i think they all understand, guilty as charged, we're marrie >> his very pertinent co-star focused on one thing. >> i'm trying to give birth tonight without being in labor. >> and it was night out number two for two super bowl sweethearts. >> it was a bit of a date us, we went to the super bowl
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at aarp, the annual movies for grown-ups awards, michael douglas was honored for his career achievements. but his fondest day at work? >> the film festal value in 1988 when i met catherine. still ahead tonight, hollywood's new hot button issue. celebrities wouldn't have sex until marriage? >> is sex really the admission price for love? then new scenes in tv's top drama as ncis celebrates a major milestone. and we're with the ground breaking "sports illustrated" model tackling the body and age issues. >> i have never worn a bikini
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>> that is n it has been an amazing ride for the entire n team. and today they celebrate their 300th episod that's 13 seasons and each and every episode is now taking on a new meaning since michael weatherly announced that he's leaving. >> will you miss this craziness? >> everyone will mis >> i don't think this is the right way to do the interview. >> as always, michael weatherly was fun and games laughing and all smiles. but come the end of the is season, he will definitely miss this pla his castmates will definitely miss him.
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eyed. and ei'll miss him and i love him. >> still 300 episodes is a ground breaking moment for any show. by the way, ncis -- >> i look at 200 episodes and it's certainly rare air and not a place that everybody gets to be and i think that everybody in this crew and cast knows that. >> it's mind boggling to gets to 200 episodes so everybody's just very sober and just trying to figure it out. >> the 300th episode airs march 15 and michael will leave the show in may. this saturday "sports illustrated" will reveal the cover models for their swim cute issue as part of a tnt special. but cameron joins us with some amazing women who are making news inside a that issue. >> they are breaking the stereotypical mold of the magazine. and only i talked to plus sized mo ashley graham who just found out she is officially a
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in the new ad campaign proving that bikini bodies come in all shapes and sizes. >> i'm really competed to know that "sports illustrated" wants to include women like us. there is no perfect body. we shouldn't be striving for perfection anymore. 5'9" in a size 14 to 16. she's alongside other models who are redefining beauty. >> you suddenly realize, i am going to be wearing bikini s, i am a swimsuit model? >> this is my first big wimsuit job. and they said i was going to wear a bikini. i was like, me? it was incredibly empowering. it's a new era, with different races, different shapes and sizes being celebrated as beautiful. >> >> she's a sexy 56 years old. >> i have never worn a bikini before. i never thought i would look good in one, that i would look sexy in one, but i was wrong. >> i would love to know in your
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received the feedback that you didn't have the right body type to wear a bikini? >> i had an agent one time wave money in my face and said if you lost a bunch of those lbs, you would be getting a lot more of this. . >> and, honey, these size 16 hips have made me a lot of money. >> inspiring stuff, i could have talked to them all day. now ashley and the ladies will reach a wide audience with their message, last year's swimsuit issue reached 70 million people in the u.s. alone. >> an important thing to talk about. thanks very much cameron. here's something you don't hear many people in hollywood talking about. waiting to have sex. ivan franklin was a driving force behind k kidd and mega say they held out until they were married to have sex and that is the key to their relationship. they had a fairy tale sun set wedding at a malibu winery almost four year he was a $4 million a year producer turned preacher. who got his start in the business a an intern for will smith. she was a successful beautiful actress but their love story
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together on the set of the jump the broom that almost didn't happen. >> i don't want to be the guy who is known for trying to hit on the talent. >> did you think he was cute when you first saw him? >> i thought he was cute. but he gave me the i was like, you're cute. >> he's cute now. so i like it. >> right. >> they dated 13 months befo their i dos and their wedding night was the first time they ever had sex. you see even though the two had relationships in the past, megan has been romantically linked to stars like joseph gourden levet, ivan and megan became born again >> i have been in several relationships since i was 19, aad i would be celibate and i going to cheat and that the relationship was going to end or whatever. but what happened was that the
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>> i remember jessica simpson talk about the fact that she was saving herself for marriage and we're he russell wilson and sierra talking this, there's obvious physical chemistry, how hard was it to wait? >> it was the hardest thing to do in life. >> when a man finds a woman he loves, he will go through hell and high water f and even if she presents this crazy idea about waiting and he has no desire to wait -- >> this is going to make me cry. to the wait, that's the title of megan and ivan's new book filled with secrets to finding the love of her life. >> praying together, going to church together. reading together. keeping god in our relationship is critical. and she's the number one priority in my life. number one. >> he's the number one priority in my life. >> a man, you want the ultimate proof to the way it works?
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that one. it is good. 6 couple. >> you can look for megan on "code black" on cbs. and i van's miracles from heaven opens on february 13. what guy once worked as a barber? the answer is and why is brian cranston calling for nancy to pay up? he's going to tell us, don't worry.
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housewiv her must-see reviews are at time now for the answer to tonight's "e.t" birthdays. which famous actor once worked as a barber? that was joe pesci who turns 52 today. >> today was the super bowl parade for the denver broncos. >> we bet, nancy, we bet, and guess what? you got to come through and pay off your debt. and tomorrow, it will come. and so everybody watch tomorrow's show and you'll see exactly what nancy o'dell has to do because she lost a super bowl
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>> oh, brian. literally i got an e-mail from bryan at 8:00 a.m. and the subject line said, hello loser. by the way it was his idea to have the bet and i did not think my carolina panthers would lose. >> shs going to pay her debt
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